"Mouse Head Model (MHM): A global solution for safe and secure data sharing"

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Mouse Head Model (MHM): A Global Solution For Safe & Secure Data Sharing

Thursday 19I

Convener: Paul Knowles

Notes-taker(s): Paul Knowles

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In a harmonious Decentralised Data Economy (DDE), SSI technology has given rise to the most compelling component of assurance, a Verifiable Credential (VC) – a digital representation of a physical credential but more tamper-evident and more trustworthy than their physical counterparts. VC characteristics are compelling for human-to-human communication. This resides in the Credential space.

However, to enable a safe and secure data sharing economy, the female side of the model takes the lead. A phrase coined by Philippe Page, President of The Human Colossus Foundation, for decentralized data capture components is Decentralized Semantics. In the schema side of the model, the Overlays Capture Architecture (OCA) facilitates a unified data language so that harmonised data can be pooled into multi-source data lakes for improved data science, statistics, analytics and other meaningful services.

It is in the synergistic combination of the assurance characteristics of a VC and the immutable, yet interoperable, components contained in OCA schema that privacy compliant data sharing can be facilitated in a DDE.

In the Mouse Head Model (MHM), the left “ear” contains purpose-based services (PBS) - entities that issue schema for initial data capture into a DDE. The right “ear” contains meaningful service providers (MSP) – entities that enrich data by combining criteria searched data from harmonized data lakes. Consent is always obtained by the subject before data portability is actioned. VCs provide the mechanics to verify that the data flow stems from an assured source. At the heart of MHM is the OCA transformation tool required for data harmonization prior to data porting. In this single sector use case, the processing for consented data capture and associated credential exchange is treated as a separate process to the equivalent data sharing flows. In the case of an emergency response situation, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, those two processes are combined to speed up urgent data portability to any specialised agencies responsible for national and international public health

Video link from the session provided by Paul Knowles ... http://drive.google.com/file/d/1TbUtUMjl_dbGQSlU0CMph2cFXhxMCD_p/view?usp=sharing