10I/ Domains of Identity - Presentation of Kaliya’s Book

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Domains of Identity - Presentation of Kaliya’s Book

Session Convener: Kaliya Young

Notes-taker(s): Kaliya

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Kaliya Published a book in 2020 - The Domains of Identity a framework for understanding identity systems in contemporary society.

You can find slides of her presentation at IIW here https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1azVOw2O_F4fE50cTs29FGg5w1V1jNUqk/edit#slide=id.p1

You can find a 4 page summary of the domains here: https://identitywoman.net/wp-content/uploads/Domains-of-Identity-Highlights-1.pdf

You can buy her book here: https://www.anthempress.com/the-domains-of-identity-pb