10J/ Verifiable Web Forms

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Verifiable Web Forms

Session Convener: Shigeya Suzuki


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Initial Proposal: https://shigeya.github.io/verifiable-web-forms/

Abstract: This document proposes Verifiable Web Forms -- a new way to provide Verifiable Credentials to Web Browser via Clipboard. By using Verifiable Web Forms, users can provide third-party verified data with standard user interfaces without typing. The data is also verifiable on the server-side too.

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

The above document is just an initial memorandum created by Shigeya. No implementations yet. Plan to implement.

Discussion points:

  • Where to incubate this? W3C CCG?
  • There are similarities with auto-fill / auto-complete functions, or password managers from the user interface point of view.
  • How far it can be implemented without any help from browsers, as polyfills.
  • To see that, implementing the concept is the fastest way.
  • We can use similar techniques to verify any form of “input” data.
  • We could share the potential of the technique.

Next steps:

  • Shigeya will implement it himself or ask somebody to do it. Communicate with other attendees on findings.