10K/ Best Way to Work with and Engage Orgs - My Data, MEF, Me2B, Me9…

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Best Way to Work with and Engage Orgs - My Data, MEF, Me2B, Mee…

Session Convener: Michael Becker

Notes-taker(s): Michael Becker

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Mobile Ecosystem Forum

The talk primarily revolved around our need to have “big tent” multi-party discussiones that can focus on the not just the tech, the moving of the bits and bytes around, but also:

  • The problems being solved
  • Value propositions
  • The need to understand the flows of money

Suggestions for why business models and commercial models are not being discussed:

  1. People have no clue about the answer
  2. Those that have a clue, proven answers, don’t want to share. They won’t share until they’ve pulled out all the value from their secret sauce.

Interesting observations, we will often ball back to what we know and are comparable with…tech people will ask business questions and fall back to the tech, business people will ask technical questions and then quickly fall back to business ones.