10L/ JWT - VC Interop Profile

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JWT - VC Interop Profile

Session Convener: Daniel M and Kristina Y


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Daniel presented a profile for VC interop.

The profile was developed in collaboration with Workday Microsoft Mattr Ping Identity and IBM.

The presentation follows on from the interoperability demo session.

In that session the Microsoft Authenticator wallet shared credentials issued from a Microsoft managed identity to a Ping Verifier. The Workday CLI wallet demonstrated the

sharing of the credentials issued by a Workday controlled issuer to a Ping verifier and a Microsoft verifier.

The profile is an opinionated description of existing open standards.

It does not create any new IP.


Identifiers of the entities - DID:ION, .well-known

Agent-to-Agent Protocol - Self-Issued OpenID Connect Provider v2

Credential format - VCs encoded as JSON and signed as JWT

VC Transportation - OpenID Connect for Verifiable Presentations

Query Language - Presentation Exchange v1

Revocation - Status List 2021

Issuer/Verifier Trust - Well-Known DIDs