11L/Teaching SSI with Political Precinct Caucus Credentialing

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Teaching SSI with Caucus Credentialing

Session Convener: Kent Bull

Notes-taker(s): Kent Bull

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See the evolving syllabus at / This is the first draft we created during the session. https://kentbull.com/2022/04/28/caucus-ssi

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:


  • Create SSI solution creation capability in engineers and architects through 3 day workshop.
  • Audience
  • Senior and principal engineers and architects


  • Verifiable Credential Ceremonies
    • Present
    • Issue
    • Verify
    • Revoke
  • Issuance Technology
    • Hyperledger Indy
  • Agents
    • Agent Setup
    • Agent Communication
    • Agent Credential Exchange
  • Communication with DIDComm
  • Dynamic Witness Selection
    • KERI
    • Trust Selection of Issuers
  • Login (auth) with DIDs and VCs
    • DIDAuth
  • Credential Types
  • Common SDKs
  • Key Rotation
  • Make your own DID method
  • Evaluate your DID method against the DID rubric
  • Predicate Proof
  • Storing linked documents in IPFS or external data stores
  • Perform a graduated disclosure ceremony