12G/ Can we solve the Bring Your Own Wallet Problem?

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Can we solve the Bring Your Own Wallet Problem?

Session Convener: Snow

Notes-taker(s): Peter Langenkamp

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The problem:

You’re a user, you click the ‘issue’ button, what will happen?


  • Multi w selector
  • OpenID connect
  • CHAPI polyfill
    • BrowserAPI

Nascar problem (The NASCAR problem is when there is a jumble of branding icons in a user interface, like 3rd party sign-in/login options or sharing buttons on websites, that is visually busy and often noisy, distracting, and overwhelming.)

Discovery handshake

A wallet doesn’t have to be an app, it can be in the browser too

Problem getting wallets to adopt the same schema

Challenge for iOS, it simply picks the last installed app that’s compatible with the link (Android gives you the choice)

  • No options in settings to switch it

Can there be some kind of protocol that all wallet providers implement? You communicate to the issue button which profile (e.g. DIDCOM om OpenID) you support

Is this something that DIF should have a working group for?

A multi w selector could be discriminating

The DIF interop group might be a good place to start?

  • That’s where we’re coming from already

EU has mandated that all countries should have an identity wallet

  • Hopes that those wallet providers will want to support more beyond what is mandated so we can build this out

Q: Suppose I was a new company, would I have to work with Matter?

A: No you just have to support this (OpenID) protocol

What GAPI exposes is limited (only GET and CREATE and create?)

Generally the challenge is that we don’t want the issuer and verifier to have to name one or more specific wallets, just to present the ‘issue’ button

Problem, interop generally isn’t high on peoples agenda. (it doesn’t create business, it removes business)

iOS is a problem issue with browsers, you will automatically be redirected to safari so you can’t finish a session in another browser

Can we solve this problem?

  • You have to solve it with another intermediary
    • Who will host that?

What would the five profiles be? (this is about format compatibility)

  • What type of VC are you going to offer?
  • What DID?
  • What type of encryption?

There’s also going to be a UX problem

To stay apprised or involved: Follow the interop working list, if not join DIF and contact Snow on Slack.

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