13B/ Crossing the chasm - mass market adoption of SSI and VC. What is needed to make triangle of trust work?

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Crossing the Chasm ➡ Mass Market Adoption of SSI and VC: What is Needed to Make Triangle of Trust Work?

Tuesday 13B
Convener: Tim Heidfeld (IAMX), Jochen Leinberger (IAMX)
Notes-taker(s): Dennis Mittmann

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Identity, Decentralized Identity, Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), Decentralize Identity Documents (DIDs), DID methods, verifiable credentials, authentication agent, chasm, triangle of trust, gateways, use cases

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

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🐾 Crossing the chasm

1. How to ➡ enable mass market adoption of SSI and VC?

2. Is the preservation of human rights the correct design-principle?

3. What is needed to make triangle of trust work?

a) How to design verifiable credentials ZKP and GDPR conform?

b) How to onboard verifiable credentials?

c) What are the use cases?

IAMX Company Introduction by Jochen

Handover to Tim to welcome Everyone for the Session

Look at SSI from a Business Development perspective.

1. SSi is a Marketplace, and we need to balance seller and buyer in this marketplace in order to make this work.

2. Identity is a human right and therefore our approach is pure and

3. The Triangle of Trust

3a) The Allegra Model from IAMX is ZKP by design and not by any fance mathematics.

3b) Onboarding on the IMAX SSI solution is done in different ways.

Onboarding of around 10 mil KYC Proofed Telco Customers by Invitation Letter and a Process, where these customers/holders can convert their KYC proofed data into the Allegra Model by Import Credential generation.

Onboarding via an Hardware/Software Solution called IAMX Gateway. It is a terminal equipped with government certified Document and Biometrics scanners. This Terminal lets customers generate credentials for any kind of documents like Paper, Plastic, IC2, NFC, etc. in combination with a Biometric Passport. The holder has to stand in front of the Device and has to match the Passport Biometrics in order to generate credentials.

Onboarding via Mobile App in Combination with NFC, etc. in the future

3c) One-Click-Fulfillment.

The Holder wants to purchase a Mobile Phone Contract and provides the necessary Data via a 3rd party Solution. This Data will be converted with the Allegra Model Schema and can be verified via the IAMX Gateway or any 3rd party Interface to the leger. In this case the Contract can be fulfilled, because the necessary Data like minimal Age and Street Address could be verified within the payment process. And that is what enables smart contract.