13B/ Tunnel to KERI Island - How can we interoperate with KERI?

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Tunnel to KERI Island - How can we interoperate with KERI?

Session Convener: Sam Smith + Markus Sabadello Notes-taker(s): Markus Sabadello

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KERI doesn't trust ledgers, resolvers, DID Resolution. But there is a way to bootstrap into the KERI world starting from DIDs and DID Resolution. This uses so-called OOBIs (out-of-band invitations), see: https://weboftrust.github.io/ietf-oobi/draft-ssmith-oobi.txt.

An OOBI is a tuple of a KERI AID and a URL, e.g.:

("", "EaU6JR2nmwyZ-i0d8JZAoTNZH3ULvYAfSVPzhzS6b5CM")

The OOBI can also itself be expressed as a URL, e.g.:

This can be discovered from a DID using DID Resolution, e.g. try this:




Discussion about did:keri method. The method-specific-id can be an AID, and an "oobi" DID URL parameter could be introduced to supply an OOBI:


|---------------- AID -----------------|