13F/ GLOBAL Covid Certificate Network POC Demo

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GLOBAL Covid Certificate Network POC Demo

Session Convener: Lucy Yang and John Walker


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Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) launched the Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN) project in June 2021 to facilitate the safe and free movement of individuals globally during the COVID pandemic. After nine months of dedicated work, LFPH completed the proof-of-concept (POC) of the GCCN Trust Registry Network in partnership with Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (Fraunhofer IAO), Symsoft Solutions and Finema in March 2022.

Building on the open source TRAIN Trust Management Infrastructure funded by the European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF) Lab, the GCCN Trust Registry Network allows different COVID certificate ecosystems, which can be a political and economic union (e.g. the EU), a nation state (e.g. India), a jurisdiction (e.g. the State of California), an industry organization (e.g. ICAO) or a company (e.g. a COVID test administrator), to join and find each other on a multi-stakeholder network, and validate each other’s COVID certificate policies. This interaction is known as a discovery mechanism. Then based on the discovery, verifiers will decide whose certificates they accept and use the Trust Registry Network to build a customized trust list based on their entry rules and check the source of incoming certificates against their known list to determine if it’s from a trusted source. If the certificate is from a trusted source, the verifiers will be able to use the public key to decrypt and decode a COVID certificate.