13F/ Taking the adoption of SSI to the next level

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Taking the Adoption of SSI to the Next Level

Wednesday 13F

Conveners James Ebert, Timo Glastra, Karim Stekelenburg

Notes-taker(s): Neil Bourgeois

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Aries, JavaScript, ReactNative

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps

IIW33 Presentation

Need to include developers who are not focussed on identity. Can't just be a small group of tech enthusiasts. We need a broad and widescale adoption.

  • steep learning curve

  • time and resource intensive

  • knowledge of standards and protocols is required

  • ssi space is continuously evolving

  • frameworks and apis not stable yet

What do we need:

  • familiarity - support for languages to ensure integrations work

  • easy api without having to dive into all the protocols or deep knowledge of ssi

  • docs are important

  • devs want to just get the job done without knowing every detail

  • extend functionality of an ssi framework

  • want a framework that gives e2e soln : not just a holder, verifier etc.

Aries Framework Javascript ecosystem:

  • hosts are maintainers

  • Why JS? JS is a popular language, lots of solns use it, runs on various envs

  • Some concerns about _another_ implementation

AFJ Feature Overview - HackMD

ACA-Py Feature Overview - HackMD

  • can write your own modules in TS to extend core functionality


Aries Framework JS Extenions:

  • give you the tools

  • UI components, workflow libs.

  • make it simple



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