13J/ Thoughtful Biometrics - A conversation & Workshop in July

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Thoughtful Biometrics - A conversation & Workshop in July

Session Convener: Kaliya Young

Notes-taker(s): Kaliya Young & Eileen Guo

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This conversation was convened to go over the upcoming Thoughtful Biometrics Workshop @TB_workshop

Biometrics conversation

Test Fraud is high in the developing world and SAT

Background check quality - isn’t great right now

Scary to much Verifying

  • Lying is human

Certain behaviors should not be subject to public scrutiny

Social media system insist on real ID

Bank today different - bank of past

  • More KYC and Data systems

Security “Boogie Man” agre idealistic way

Push universal - enforced on everyone not good

Digitize something its Record is potential truth

Perfectly Credentialized World

Paper Record in Dossier

Mass Surveillance w/

Not literal anonymity - they don’t want scruteningy of every day life

Harassment and Abuse

Issues with facial recognition ⇒ but can w/ surgery / weight

Can’t change finger prints - yes injury

How do we regulate the possibility the really bad

Industry is Very uncomfortable with

1:1 AuthN

Attestation use-case

Surveillance huge implications

You using tool to make your life better

Them making a tool to make their life better