14H/ Are you telling the story you think? Communication Workshop

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Session Topic/Title: Are you telling the story you think? Communication Workshop

Session Convener: Kimberly Wilson Linson


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Three principles and a Law for Communicating with Humans

  1. Dual Coding Theory - Alan Pavio - Our ability to comprehend information is directly correlated with our ability to connect language with mental representation.
  2. Humans are thinking FEELING beings…we make decisions on how we FEEL.
  3. Human brains are lazy - don’t make them work too hard.

LAW: Always start with the big picture/problem. ALWAYS. (And never ask “does anyone here need me to explain…”


Must focus on the problem of the customer Write a fake press release before the product is created Avoid wiggle words Developer need INTENTIONAlL

Would a Driver’s License be trusted at a if I put tape over the unnecessary PII?

New fintech - the problem is: UNBANKED….solving benefits the banks and the user

Watch Dick Hardt - Identity 2.0 from the 2000s YouTube: