14J/ SSI and IoT

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SSI & IoT (identity powered renewable energy)

Session Convener: Michael Shea & Paul Grehan

Notes-taker(s): Paul Grehan

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IoT SSI Renewable Energy

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Discussion on how SSI can be applied to Renewable energy assets as a part of the grid.

The reliance on leveraging individual’s renewable assets (Solar and Electric Vehicles) is increasing as we move away from traditional fossil fuels based power generation. In this talk we discussed how leveraging Identity for delegated control of assets, along with balancing privacy issues and grid requirements to help progress to a renewable future.

SSI elements included deployment of delegated (ZCAP) control to assets owned by the individual and how verifiable credentials can be used to help provide a level of security and trust required to participate in a critical infrastructure environment.

We covered opportunities and issues faced in providing a level of privacy whilst providing financial benefit and options that might be needed moving forward.

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