15B/ Going to DWeb Camp Aug 24 - 28 Community Planning

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Going to DWeb Camp Aug 24 - 28 Community Planning

Session Convener: Kaliya and Friends


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DWeb Camp is happening August 24-28th in Northern California - about 3 hours north of San Francisco.

They are inviting people and communities to submit ideas for topics and projects. So Kaliya called a session to explore ideas for what the community might share at the event. Some suggestions were made without people from those projects present.

Here is the list

  • DIDs for DAOs
  • Why BlueSky Likes DIDs
  • How Verifiable Credentials play a role in KYC
  • DISCO is the grovy tool for Web3 ID
  • How are DIDs being used by a range of projects
  • Introduction to Standards and a Map of the Organizations and Working Groups