23H/ Trust Taize -Time to Breath and Trust (Quotes and Music)

From IIW

Trust Taize - Time to Breathe and Trust (Quotes & Music)

Thursday 23H

Convener: Judith Fleenor


Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps

Judith Fleenor Opening Circle Explanation:
By Day 3 of IIW, our brains may be so full we just need some time to think about everything that has been presented.

This session - Trust Taize - was created for a time to breathe and trust.

A Taize service has readings, music or chanting, and time of silence.
For this session Judith created a 12 minute loop containing music and quotes about Trust. Three is time in between to think about those posts (quotes).

The session was offered mid-day when participants might have needed a break.

This was the type of session participants could pop in for the 12 minutes and then jet off to another session. Or come at the end of a session to enjoy a little “space.”

The loop ran for the entirety of this session.

Come Breathe and Trust!