24E/ Killer Whale Jello Salad (WACI PEx update)

From IIW

Killer Whale Jello Salad - (WACI-PEx Update)

Thursday 24E

Convener: Rolson Quadras and Brent Zundel


Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps

We gave a summary of the problem we tried to address during the Killer Whale Jello Salad sessions last IIW, i.e., a protocol for requesting and submitting a verifiable presentation.

After IIW, the work continued at DIF: https://identity.foundation/waci-presentation-exchange/

Currently the v0.1 spec is in DRAFT status, which means it is ready (we hope) for implementations.

Brian Richter demoed his (nearly complete) implementation (small issues with BBS+)

Rolson Quadras demoed SecureKey's (nearly finished) implementation (Still using DIDComm v1)

Where do we go from here?

We should have a way to do issuance using equivalent components

Issuance is (arguably) the same as presentation. Issuer:Holder::Prover:Verifier

There are some nuances that make them difference, but perhaps those nuances can be addressed by the pieces that are passed back and forth.

OIDC model also collapses issuance and verification

Andrew Hughes is writing a blog post related to this

Implementation experience has shown that WACI-PEx has been an "interoperability nexus"

Moving forward, it may help to be more detailed. What restrictions need to be put in place to address specific use cases? Further conversations along those lines will help us to address more of the wedge issues. E.g, key rotation and revocation - should rotated keys stay in the spec?

Maybe issuance and presentation are just cases of delegation . . .

doesn't quite feel right. Each of the actions has different constraints.

Another useful link: https://identity.foundation/arewewaciyet/

The goal is interoperable wallets with portable credentials for issuance and presentation.