24N/ Explainers Pt 2: After Brainstorm - Planning/Outlining Explainers, Curriculum

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Explainers Pt 2: After Brainstorm -> Planning/Outlining Explainers, Curriculum

Thursday 24N

Convener: Kaliya Young


Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Toward a Comms Community of Practice.

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps

Kamal - proposal a wiki of SSI and how it might look - solutioning.

Way of looking - what problems we want to solve

What kind of content is a supply chain business trying to solve.

Certified Jem Stones industry - their industry bodies are yet to be convinced.

Business stakeholders and to understand the challenges

Systems integration

Changes in workflow.

Propose this lens.

Problems -

Audience - group of people

Industry -

Type of problems they have


Audience - Product manager

Industry - Supply chain

Problem - Consent privacy

Epistemology - management of knowledge

How industry is organized.

Many people are where many hats at different levels.

Too qualitative or too quantitative.

No one over-arching guide on how to create knowledge

Eg from parallel industry- been created in last 10 years?

  • SMS automation

  • FIDO


How Etherium has evolved - all different layers of Etherium managed differently

They really drive - Eth/Vitalik conscious effort to be community driven - documenting and sharing knowledge - community is strong - vs. technology being the best.

What role should DIF play - central body that can do these things.

Knowledge Management and popularizing.

There are at least 2 bodies who are funded to promote these technologies - DIF and ToIP

How did ETH foundation

Driven by incentives - bitcoin+smart contracts incentives.

Chris - Comms at DIF - slowly better about how we communicate about what is happening at DIF and talking about the technology.

Talk about a plurality of solutions - use a platform that is understandable and accessible in the community.

Work with Judith - work stay aligned - not duplicate work - leverage partnership and

Public Action Plan visible?

Milestones - putting

Weekly Community Comms call - strategize - collect feedback so far.

Link to weekly comms call at DIF

Link to DIF public calendar

Charles point - incentives.

Not problem - creating content - problem for SSI - come back that crypto community community is getting a lot of adoption but we are not getting it

Giving $ for articles that are written.

No incentive to issue and receive VCs.

We have seen crypto currencies building community.

Incentives are hard

What is the appropriate Tone to strike

Hardly disorganized and full of problems.

The foundation (DIF, ToIP) Comms people -

Why projects chose certain things.

Help them communicate about it well

Give them a chance to present.

Example: Sam Harris - invites people on to share their opinions.

  • They edit things so they present things in the best light possible.

Giving the Leadership capacity to give their best story - why they did things the way they did.

Regardless of what we

Blogs websites / guides out there.

People not involved in the space are not going to come to the organization

They are going to read whatever is at the top of the search results

So SEO is the important.

Chris start a YouTube channel - solve 50% of the problem.

We need opinionated content - commission it.

Mediated Opinionated Content

Mike Jones - Daniel Hardman discussion about different choices.


Informational - Edutainment.

Learn to Earn - 3 platforms that do this

Polygon - has own course. You get paid - finish certification, complete it - issue a VC share on linked in.

Crypto Community is doing this.




We don’t have enough talent or Talent Pipelines

Stickers - laptops

Collectable NFTs for Hackathon participation.

Went through below list of maybe topics

Judith - complete decentralized Universe vs. Decentralized way of VCs fith with Existing structures vs. Centralized phone home surveillance

We use words like “we” and “this community” has such disparate thoughts on what we should be doing. Hard for a professional communications person.

Hard to take and package in any sort of message - message isn’t clear.

DIF should communication - Decentralization looked at as a gradient. How DIF should represent. Here is the paradigm - then can talk about these things (particular protocols) - it fits into this paradigm

Can’t talk about advantages and disadvantages. Its a spectrum.

Identity - then the other things these technologies can enable - not same conversation

Kamal - SSI is more then just SSI - more about trusted data.

Talk about your solution as a company - trusted data VCs

VCs relative to internet of things.

Hospitality and Travel Use-Cases posted to YouTube

  • Walked through real world scenarios

Thoughts on what is needed:

I believe we have to meet the market where they are at and improve processes they have current strong emotional connection to.


Interesting resource:


Explainers Comparing Key Things: That are simplified yet technically accurate

Who are papers for?

Who is the audience - what is the purpose for the paper.

There might be more than one paper.

Business Leader

Technical CTO - influence

Who are decision makers that can say - YES

Who are the blockers that can say - NO

Different way to think about it.

Hope and promise - easy to merger and aquision

Massive Liability - can’t audit data

What are the concerns of big organizations?

The range of philosophy / architecture:

  • Decentralized Universe vs.

  • Decentralized way of VCs fith with Existing structures vs.

  • Centralized phone home surveillance

Include Use-Cases

Use-Cases would be good to develop - round out

  • H&T SIG - using different perspectives

Cryptography Curves

  • ED22519

  • P256

  • ____

Reason people pick different curves based on philosophy underpinnings.

Credential Exchange Explained


  • PE

  • WACI-PEx


  • DIDCom

Danger of the QR Code Society and how to Prevent it:

Already Started - needs collaborators to complete

Identity in the Metaverse

(Johnannes is interested in this + unconf opportunity)

Comparing VCs to mDLs

  • And the Hybrid - VCs do Gov I

  • Where can VCs fit into mDL - Kantara wants to work on

Dark Actors in Today’s Ecosystem and how SSI Addresses this problem

  • ThreatMetrix and LexusNexus

  • Trulioo

How SSI could reduce the dangers of Surveillance Capitalism

  • + Its better then chinese system

  • + Its better then Indian system

DIDComm vs OIDC models for Exchange

DID Methods & DID resolvers

Keri Explained

PKI - what it is and how it works in SSI

Potential metaphor to explain crypto: “mixing paint colors” — where a private key is a set of paint colors, and the public key is the resulting color from mixing that set. If you can produce the mixed paint color, you’ve proven you are the person who knows the set of paint colors that mix to produce that one color

SSI for Privacy Lawyers - why it is so much better

"The lawyers will save us" - The most effective "convincer" of why corp and gov IT needs to care about privacy - GDPR compliance and legislation on privacy.

Operational Arguments for SSI for Tech folks

  • Privacy approach (they don’t care about privacy)

  • Operational Security - dont’ have central service to run - operation easier - millions of people scalability -

  • Scalability - Infinitely Scalable Low Cost Federation

  • Openness to other - run digital infrastructure as a government - private sector can join.

  • Open room for innovation - count more for governments

    • Give advantage for economy


  • None

  • RDF


Making Facebook Obsolete - the path using SSI

  • Might be a conference too

Deeper BackGrounders

Annotated Bibliography (maybe we do community annotation via Hypothes.is)

  • Laws of Identity <- maybe write a new version with visuals?

  • Relationship Layer of the Web - by Bob Blakley

  • Becoming Artifacts by Mawaki Chango

  • Protocol by Alexander Gallway

  • Functional Identity

Core Identity Management Concepts

  • Identifier

  • Resolvable Identifier

  • Authentication

  • Authorization

  • Identity Proofing

  • Evidence of Identity

Identity Protocol Family Tree

Kaliya did some things sort of along these lines years ago:



Identity Protocol Families, a History - and the problems they solved

  • SAML

  • LDAP

  • SCIM

  • PIV


  • DL standards -> mDL

  • Information Cards

  • OpenID v1

  • OAuth

  • OIDC

  • Aadhaar

  • DID

  • VCs

Trade Associations of “other industries”

  • Write with them on SSI for X

  • Government Associations

    • AAMVA

    • NASCIO

    • Association of Counties

  • HealthCare

  • Education

  • Travel

    • IATA

    • Hotelier

  • Supply Chain

  • Finance & Banking


Identity.orgs Industry Associations what they do, why they were founded, what they want done - how they relate

  • OIDF

  • Kantara (child of Liberty Alliance)

  • OIX

  • ToIP

  • FIDO Alliance

  • ICAO

  • ITU-T

  • IDPro


  • DIF

  • W3C-CCG

  • ID2020

  • Me2B Alliance

  • IdentityCommons

  • IIW

  • EEA


  • Sovrin

  • Hyperledger

  • Better Identity Coalition

  • Secure Document Alliance

  • Security Industry Alliance

Identity Events

  • Connect:ID

  • IdentityWeek

  • IIW

  • RSAC

  • EIC

Standards Bodies & IPR umbrellas - the protocols they stewarded and how they work

  • IETF

  • W3C

  • Kantara

  • W3C Community Groups


  • ISO

  • ITU-T

  • OIDF

  • JDF (DIF & ToIP are under)


Open Source Projects

  • Hyperledger Aires, Indy, Ursa

  • Cardea

Decentralized Web Actors/Projects

  • Internet Archive - DWeb summits

  • Matrix

  • DIF