2A/ Human Rights Impact of Identity Protocols

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Human Rights Impact of Identity Protocols

Tuesday 2A

Convener: Adrian Gropper

Notes-taker(s): Adrian Gropper 

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps

Human Rights Issue:

  • How is the efficiency of digital identity going to impact human rights?

    • Rental applications streamlining - diversity of tenants - forced disclosure and credential design flexibility -

    • NeonID - Everybody’s avatar - personality science - based on test - broadcast as with profile photo but also an invisibility cloak - advertisers pay - “test can tell” + behavioral data

    • India DigiLocker provided by gov - is gov the owner? How do I avoid intermediaries owning our identity

    • Need contextual silos - loss of control over our presentation - business model concerns - reputation -

    • Information Bank creator: Nobody has published human rights as a semantic ontology - human factors have been set aside - curate your own AI agent to limit (TH: nb - https://medium.com/webcivics )

    • distortions - psy ops - use the courts -

    • Need a guideline - preservation of human rights - responsibility -

    • Interface between communication needs RDF - a fabric - needs legal interpretation?

    • Social threats to an individual

  • Why?

    • Efficiency vs. Sabotage

    • A “fabric” of related and unrelated contexts -

    • Quality, quantity, context,

    • Each digital twin produces their own ontology

    • The semantics opportunity for confusion / error and too much data

    • Who decides? Who decides who decides? on the linked data ontology

    • What is the efficiency vector

    • Efficiency tends to be brittle

    • The trap of efficiency is we sacrifice other things

    • Sustainability is important - vs. efficiency

    • Ensuring that people have a rich enough digital identity - not too black and white - as in credit scoring income assessment - diversity of expression

    • Business process integration becomes a problem - talk to a human being is good

    • Ontology vs. decision making does not have to exclude human decision making

  • What are possible mitigations to this at the protocol level?

    • Delegation - is it fundamental as in the law of agency -

      • Separate from guardianship

    • Biometrics - added - as in passive facial recognition -

    • Linkage of possession to control

    • Onboard plastic and paper credentials -

    • ACDC - Authentic data / post VC /