2E/ Make DID in 5 min.(with free, open tools only) How? Bring your approach - Tell the World

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Create a DID in 5 minutes

Session Convener: Kim and Joe

Notes-taker(s): Ashley Snelgrove

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Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Was in preparation for an upcoming panel discussion. Tried to find it… I believe this may be a recording of it (on Interoperable Platforms):


Methods: Did:key did:ion Did:web Did:snail (snail mail) Did:pkh Did:ceramic Did:GitHub - web ui Did:btcr

Assumptions: Wallet Authentic CLI

Properties: Available online Comparison


What can you do with a did once you have one?

  • Christine Webber. Mastodon
  • Randy Farmer

More about DIDs

  • Syntax
  • Did doc
  • VCs


Why? How to talk about dids session later


Wallet out of the box:

  • Disco - logon w/ eth
  • Web wallet

Lifeserver:open-source:creates did:web

CLI: transmute, key, web element, photon Web UI - GitHub

DIDs|resolves|Apps| VCs as interop data format

did:twitter could be a thing

did:indy provides timestamp lookup of signing keys (rotating keys cause a problem where looking up a current key may not match the key used at the time of signing)