3G/ GS1 License Credentials for Global Trade Identification

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GS1 License Credentials for Global Trade Identification

Tuesday 3G

Convener: Paul Dietch, Phil Archer, and Todd Snyder

Notes-taker(s): Phil Archer and Todd Snyder

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

GS1 Identifiers, DID, Verifiable Credentials

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps

Discuss prototype built by GS1, GS1 US and GS1 Germany to issue and verify credentials across multiple ecosystems: SVIP and Indy Hyperledger.

Paul talked through the slide deck. Slides are available.

Toddy Snyder (for GS1 US) and Sebastian Schmittner (for GS1 Germany) talked through some of the details of the toolchains they used. In the US, they made a lot of use of CHAPI for JSON-LD based VCs. In Germany the tool chain was based on Hyperledger Indy. GS1 Global had to implement both to be part of the PoC.

After the presentations, the group discussed where we can and should go next and how to achieve it. It’s no one’s job to solve all the problems but it is everyone’s. So how is it funded? Governments are supporting, but we need industry and more. GS1 is committed to the journey and will provide time and developer time.

What’s the easy way forward? Choose one method and go with that. But we, the tech community can’t decide which route to take. It has to be industry. GS1 worked in the US and Germany. Both Those territories major on a different tech. So we can’t “just choose one.” Had there been a third participant, you can bet they’d have wanted the JSON-only version.

Running code, collaboration, openness and sharing. That’s all we can do for now.

Session Chat log

From Me to Everyone: 08:11 PM

Sorry folks, we use the term 'keys' to mean identifiers, not crypto keys.

From Timothy Holborn to Everyone: 08:11 PM

From Artur.Philipp to Everyone: 08:11 PM

ok thanks

From Timothy Holborn to Everyone: 08:12 PM

so, multi-tenanted (perhaps multi-vendor related) identifier chains?

ie: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1oUsSlPEh8erOdkQJCLzFHBaqp7AYOJCqDw82YrCg9f4/edit?usp=sharing

(let me know if doc doesn’t work)

From Drummond Reed to Everyone: 08:14 PM

I like the assumption that the VC presentation is mutual/bidirectional

From Sebastian Schmittner to Everyone: 08:21 PM

We tried the Hyper Ledger Stuff also on other ledgers, in particular the ID Union Test ledger

in essence, we re-invented credential chaining ;)

Actually twice, since we did something similar in the HL world

From Timothy Holborn to Everyone: 08:44 PM

q: any attempt to try interop with: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/verifiable-credentials/decentralized-identifier-overview ?

From SamSmith to Everyone: 08:45 PM

Suggest participating in the ACDC working group which is focused on layer 1 chaining vs layer 4 chaining

From Sebastian Schmittner to Everyone: 08:49 PM

thanks for the suggestion! Currently we are setting some hope into BBS+ VCs and aries interop profile/didcomm V2

Had some good discussion in this direction in session 1c already, looking forward to more

currently there is quite some funding in Germany going into SSI, raising some hope here ;)

From Heather Vescent to Everyone: 08:50 PM

(Yes I noticed your sponsorships)

From Sebastian Schmittner to Everyone: 08:51 PM

not meant to be advertising. ;)

From Heather Vescent to Everyone: 08:53 PM

I didn’t take that as such, just as great participation in the community! :-)

So true Phil! And you are getting at the heart of my question!

From Timothy Holborn to Everyone: 08:56 PM

re: LD Serialisations nb: https://any23.apache.org/

From Sebastian Schmittner to Everyone: 08:59 PM

IP/SPX... good old days

From SamSmith to Everyone: 08:59 PM

I would be interested in your thought about interoperable security not merely interoperable semantics

From Timothy Holborn to Everyone: 09:00 PM

NB: i’d call the documentation level ‘poor’ https://www.w3.org/wiki/WebID yet imo, should be part of the future ecosystem overall. also, https://www.w3.org/WoT/

From Heather Vescent to Everyone: 09:00 PM

Timothy, +1, I completely agree. I find it very difficult to get funding for good documentation over there though.

Since W3C is all volunteer participation anyway

From Sebastian Schmittner to Everyone: 09:02 PM

so true! We invested time in learning and dev ops but it was all running on open source

From Judith Fleenor1 to Everyone: 09:02 PM


From Timothy Holborn to Everyone: 09:02 PM

nb also: old work (not so much me, but others in the W3C community linked to the WebPayments works: https://twitter.com/ProjectBitmark/status/513656134516088832

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