4H/ On-Chain Application of DIDs (did:sol & Cryptid)

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On-Chain Application of DIDs (did:sol & Cryptid)

Session Convener: Martin Riedel Notes-taker(s): Phillip Shoemaker

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Links: https://github.com/identity-com/sol-did https://github.com/identity-com/cryptid

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Martin gave a conceptual overview of the topic:

did:sol is a program on Solana to manage DIDs and their representative state on Solana. There is a resolver library (and unisolver integration) for did:sol to allow easy integration for OFF-CHAIN Use-Cases.

Furthermore identity.com developed and deployed a program on Solana (Cryptid) that allows to access and verify the SAME state from the did:sol to execute any ON-CHAIN Solana Transaction through Cryptid.

Next to DID-State evaluation Cryptid plans to be extended with dynamic Middleware that could add additional verification logic to on-chain transactions (e.g. spending limits, and others).


  • Is that a good idea? Yes, but the reference to the state on chain should probably not referred to as DID (In Cryptid it’s “Cryptid Address”)
  • Bringing the On-Chain / Blockchain community together with the SSI / off-chain identity community.
  • DID specs would also be shaped by on-chain requirements. For example Verification Methods should maybe contain a property if key ownership was proofed when a key was added to a DID.

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