4I/ Machine-Readable Governance Files 1 and DIDs + Directories of Trust

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DIDs + Directories of Trust / Machine-Readable Governance File Basics

Session Convener: Gabe Cohen and Mike Ebert

Notes-taker(s): Gabe Cohen and Mike Ebert

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Three main questions:

  1. Are you who you claim to be? (and how can we tell)
  2. Are you to be trusted for x? (and how can we tell)
  3. How do we represent trust lists?

One Approach: Machine Readable Governance Files published by the “sovereign” entity over a jurisdiction

  1. List trusted DIDs
  2. List roles
  3. Assign roles to DIDs
  4. List actions
  5. Assign roles to actions

Now you can see which agents the jurisdiction trusts, what actions are available, and what each agent is supposed to be doing.

Indicio and SITA implemented a first version of machine readable governance files for the nation of Aruba

  • COVID use case
  • JSON-LD format

Need to include or stand up other mechanisms of trust: credentials, competing lists or opinions, endorsements, ratings

Need to publish, discover, categorize, list, search, share, distribute governance files

Work will continue in the DIF Claims & Credentials working group to create a standard for 'governance files'.

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