5C/ Trust Over IP Introduction & What’s Next (ToIP)

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Introduction to the Trust Over IP Foundation (ToIP)

Session Convener: Judith Fleenor, Director of Strategic Engagement Trust Over IP Foundation

Notes-taker(s): Judith Fleenor

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The Trust Over IP Foundation, a Joint Development Foundation project within the Linux Foundation. Trust Over IP is a member organization with 300 corporate members and over 100 individual members. We are an international collaborative community jointly creating specifications, recommendations, whitepapers and guides to assist governments and organizations embarking on the creation of interoperable Trust Frameworks.

In this session, Judith Fleenor Director of Strategic Engagement covered:.

  • What is the Trust Over IP Foundation?
  • Trust Over IP Dual Stack
  • Types of work products ToIP creates
  • Organizational structure for collaborative efforts
  • How to get involved?
  • Q & A

ToIP Mission: to simplify and standardize how trust is established over a digital network or using digital tools.

We focus on BOTH… Interoperability and cryptographic verifiability at the machine layers. AND human accountability at the legal, business, and social layers.

What is ToIP?

  • Collaborative Community
    • International Community meetings happen in various time zones via Zoom.
    • Asynchronous collaboration via Google Docs and GitHub and the ToIP Slack Workspace.
    • It is both for Industry experts and people new to decentralized identity.

  • Joint Development Foundation (JDF) project within the Linux Foundation (LF)
    • The JDF is the standards development organization within the Linux Foundation open source community with connections to ISO and other standards bodies.
    • Linux Foundation and the JDF is our fiduciary to manage the ToIP funds and provide the legal structure for the foundation.
    • Linux Foundation provides the infrastructure for our work and is known for collaborative processes.

Why ToIP? Because Trust is not just about Technology.

  • For Digital Trust to be deployed and widely adopted the technology must be trustworthy, but so must the human relationships - business, legal and social.
  • Enter the ToIP Four Layer Dual Stack …

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The Trust Over IP foundation works with other organizations. We are here to replace, but to augment and build the minimum viable specs for interoperability for a digital layer of trust.

Upcoming objectives:

  • More Government's involvement
  • Specs on a ISO track