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Session Convener: Markus Sabadello and team

Notes-taker(s): Markus Sabadello

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DIDs, Universal Resolver, Universal Registrar

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godiddy.com is a hosted platform that makes it easy for SSI developers and solution providers to work with DIDs. It is based on open-source projects Universal Resolver (https://uniresolver.io/) and Universal Registrar (https://uniregistrar.io/).

godiddy.com Component: Universal Resolver

The Universal Resolver enables the resolution of many different types of DIDs using a common interface. It offers an HTTP(S) binding to the DID Resolution function, which is defined in the W3C CCG’s DID Resolution specification.

The Universal Resolver can return DID documents in various representations (JSON, JSON-LD, CBOR), as well as full DID resolution results (DID documents, plus metadata). Besides resolving DIDs, another supported function is dereferencing DID URLs, including support for various parameters and fragment.

godiddy.com Component: Universal Registrar

The Universal Registrar enables the creation/update/deactivation of many different types of DIDs, in a universal way, using a common interface.

The Universal Registrar supports both an internal secret mode, where private keys are stored in the Wallet Service, and a client-managed secret mode, where private keys stay on the client side.

DID operations may comprise multiple steps.Before a DID operation can be completed, it may be required to agree to a governance framework, or to provide funds to a cryptocurrency address. In such cases, the Universal Registrar returns the state of an “ongoing job”, which can be used to observe and manage DID operations that require multiple steps to complete.

godiddy.com Component: Wallet Service

The Wallet Service stores DIDs and keys created by the Universal Registrar API. This way clients don’t have to maintain their own key management system.

The Wallet Service supports basic key management operations such as importing and exporting keys, transfer of DIDs, as well as creating and verifying signatures. All common key types and verification method types used in the DID ecosystem are supported. The Wallet Service can also be used for non-DID related operations, such as generating signatures for issuing Verifiable Credentials (VCs).

godiddy.com Component: Version Service

The Version Service offers functionality around versioning, tracking and searching for many different types (“methods”) of DIDs.

This includes looking up historical versions of DIDs and DID documents, searching for DIDs based on the DID (the identifier itself), or DID document contents, as well as various tracking, auditing and analytics functions.

The Version Service, therefore, not only provides a view of individual DIDs at the present time, but makes it possible to access the entire history of a DID, and even events and trends in the global DID infrastructure as a whole.