5J/ What Should “Twitter” Really Be?

From IIW

Twitter (What could twitter be?)

Session Convener: Johannes Ernst

Notes-taker(s): Danielle

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We asked "what is twitter?" and what could it be.

Twitter is a place to be heard and to listen. We discussed ways users could flag posts, which could trigger an encapsulation with context like sources. We talked about blurring tweets or not, making them smaller with context around, or putting context below.

We brainstormed what we would want twitter to be

  • a set of communities that have their own moderation settings
  • a way to facilitate divergent brainstorming and consolidation through upvoting ideas, eg for policy decisions
  • more of an inbox than an infinite scroll
  • a way to use pluggable algorithms
  • ability to defer tweets by topic to a separate feed, like triggering or heavier material for deliberate review away from the main feed