6I/ Open ID & SSI Credential Issuance

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Open ID & SSI Credential Issuance

Session Convener: Torsten, Kristina, Tobias

Notes-taker(s): Antonio Antonino

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Problem: identify a protocol that includes all the different types of identity credentials, e.g., mDL, VCs, etc.

Goal: A protocol to issue identity credentials that 1. has strong foundation, 2. is format agnostic, 3. supports credential refreshing, and 4. supports multi-credential issuance

  • The core flow can be extended to accommodate different security requirements for, e.g., wallet binding, and also to result in the issuance of credentials of different formats.
  • The authorization request is only concerned about WHAT credential is requested, not in which format
  • Considering to add FIDO keys in the credential request step