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Reference Architecture or Trust over IP - Universal Interoperability

Session Convener: Wenjing Chu chu.wenjing@gmail.com

Notes-taker(s): Wenjing Chu

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Technology Discussed: How to achieve trust over the Internet AND universal Interoperability/Connectivity.

Please access the presentation slides here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1QpC7G4dM-4DTcnsnPAHxun4CYHtveQYj6YcSVk1TUBI/edit#slide=id.p

If you missed the session, Wenjing discussed the same topic previously which has similar information and a recording available here: https://wiki.trustoverip.org/display/HOME/2022-04-21+TATF+Meeting+Notes

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

This session introduces/discusses a Reference Architecture for establishing Trust over the Internet unifying diverse designs and solutions. It is a work currently ongoing in Trust over IP (ToIP) Technology Architecture Task Force.

  • What is a Reference Architecture, why do we need it?
  • The most important objectives
    • Universal interoperability
    • Trust
    • Decentralization…
  • Hourglass - why a minimal function trust spanning protocol for maximum interoperability
    • The Neck and Waist shape of the stack
  • The Reference Architecture that consists of decomposition by locus of control
    • End systems
    • Supporting Systems
    • Intermediary Systems
    • And protocols between them:
      • End system to end system protocol
      • End system to Supporting system protocols
      • Intermediary system protocols
      • Interfaces between layers
  • The example case studies: Indy/Aries, Keri, DIDcomm,...

Notable Questions/Discussions:

  • How to implement Message Storage/Delivery Service:
    • In this architecture, that would be considered an Intermediary System
  • How to evolve to that ideal goal from what we have today:
    • Discussed examples and how we may start by demo of interoperability
    • Discussed right organization to standardize, e.g. IETF for reach all of Internet
  • Is Interoperability dead?
    • We believe not. We believe it’s our future to fully realize the benefits of our labor. But there is a competing session later today for that topic.
  • Why not just use HTTPS and enhance it?
    • It is in a way THAT - because it’s a common transport.
    • Changing HTTPS is itself a difficult process. Don’t know which is harder.
  • Keri questions
    • We didn’t have time to dive deeper into it but there are quite a few sessions by Sam and others in this IIW.
  • How to get involved and continue to have these kinds of discussions:
  • I probably missed many great questions here - those above just came to my mind right now.
  • You can also ping me chu.wenjing@gmail.com. Or LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter @wenjing.

Thank you to all participants.