8D/ What are Still the Risks & Weaknesses in SSI Solutions?

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SSI Solutions: Risks, weaknesses and trade-offs

Session Convener: Mawaki Chango

Notes-taker(s): Mawaki

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A dozen people got together to discuss the topic of this breakout session. In the end, we couldn't dive into the full range of sub-themes (risks, weaknesses and trade-offs) but mainly adoption and roadblocks to adoption.

Three main levels of deployment were identified as needed for SSI implementation/adoption:

  1. Organizational and enterprise level for their employees;
  2. Nation-state governments for their citizens; and
  3. The Internet users at large.

Each one of those levels will need a specific approach for adoption. The first one (organizations and enterprises) might be relatively easier, at least wherever the terms of a cost-benefit analysis are quite obvious. The second one needs appropriate answers to governments and policy makers, in line with their "traditional" concerns for control, security and legal accountability. And the last one may still be the wild card here, as it obviously requires intermediaries one way or another (just like the first two levels) but so far, only digital wallets hold that place. Will digital wallets be enough to also fill the institutional vacuum or replace it altogether?

In the end, it was observed that significant progress is still needed on three main front:

  1. Solidification of standards (keep building, improving and consolidating the standard/logical infrastructure);
  2. Improving interoperability; and
  3. Major vendor involvement.

Participants in the session are welcome to add more from our proceedings, which might be missing from the above notes (wasn't easy to hear everything, as we were in a corner of the open space) and the Workshop attendees are welcome to comment.

Thank you!