8I/ We ran a survey for SSI vendors: Find out what we found!

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We ran a survey for SSI vendors: Find out what we found!

Session Convener: Fraser Edwards

Notes-taker(s): Fraser Edwards

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Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

  • Session used the blog published above as the base material
    • The blog also references the underlying data we collected


  • Who participated:
    • Participation was anonymous but cohort came from existing cheqd partners which should be easy to find on the website / cheqd materials
  • Should we just move to OIDC SIOP over DIDcomm?
    • Largely down to requirements / functionality required. OIDC SIOP appears to be seeing adoption due to potential to make adoption for relying parties easier but it ultimately comes down to requirements / functionality
  • What are the equivalent 5 blockers or enablers for web3 / crypto adoption?
    • Awareness, web3 / crypto is not aware enough right now
    • Easier development experience, reason NFTs are seeing adoption is ease of creation
    • Right use-cases to drive viral adoption
    • Only hit 3
  • Is the data available?
    • Yes, please see the blog posts
  • Did certain countries or industries use specific libraries or protocols?
    • I don’t believe we have this but we plan to run the questionnaire again so can include questions like this if there is demand