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Machine Readable Governance Code

Session Convener: Mike Ebert

Notes-taker(s): Peter Conerly / Mike Ebert

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Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Some contributors to the session: Shannon Wells John Hopkins Peter Conerly Ben Goering Daniel McGrogan

Mike talked about the structure used in the Aruba Health Travel system.

First, there were many pieces of info that could be attached to a user, but it would end with a “trusted traveler” certificate.

  • There were discussions around the roles in the system and the permissions for each actor or group of actors. I.e. border customs agents would be full access to a traveller’s health data, but a hotel or restaurant would only have access to the “trusted traveller” final result.

It was recommended that Mike’s project could use more standards from NIST.

The discussion wandered into talking about machine readable law and jurisdictional issues.

Here is a list of ideas that were brought up as we reviewed the file format:

Version numbers/linking/lists

  • Could be quicker to avoid linked lists?

UUID - Why UUID? Could be a DID:Peer? Topics/Tags - use existing standards/ontologies Jurisdiction - How to specify? GLEIF? Geos: specify with GIS/polygons

Activity Streams W3C - Also for actions

  • Super class actors/properties
  • Edge/content
  • Privacy policy URL
  • Icon/Avatar

TPM/HSM hardware providers? Governance - include validation of hardware providers and their support of governance frameworks

How do roles work with delegation, large numbers, levels?


UCAN Working Group

  • DWebNodes (Ask Daniel Buchner)


  • Utrecht Netherlands--Using Ontologies for Comparing and Harmonizing Legislation
    • Computational law

IPLD.io--encode/embed objects in URLs

NIST - Ontology for durations?

Finite state machine

  • Chain of responsibility

Secure Governance Working Group