9B/ Dealing with a 1000 SSI Wallets and many more credentials

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Dealing with a 1000 SSI Wallets and many more credentials

Session Convener: Peter Langenkamp (peter.langenkamp@tno.nl)

Notes-taker(s): Peter Langenkamp (peter.langenkamp@tno.nl)

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Link to slides: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ndtw8sm8iekktac/AADI-Fersz0ko8oTqCRYFvLQa?dl=0

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Discussion on the idea of an SSI Wallet Gateway and need for a credential catalog.

The SSI Wallet Gateway service facilitates the adoption of SSI by providing an easy to use API, that allows credential issuing and/or verifying organization to integrate multiple SSI wallets—that may be based on different underlying technologies—with a single interface, taking inspiration from the payment service provider model for online payments.

The approach in our current implementation to letting the holder select a wallet might not pass the grandma test. Especially as the number of supported wallets grows.

A more manageable approach would be to support ‘profiles’ instead of wallets

  • More wallets speaking the same language → same number of profiles, so scales way more favourably (also for keeping the interface clean)
  • How to do this with an intuitive UX is an open question (a normal user will not necessarily know which wallet(s) can be used with which profile)

A browser polyfill extension could maybe help solve the problem

Experience acquired in the process of making this Gateway service work could be very helpful in standardization efforts, like work on a Verifier Universal Interface started under eSSIF-Lab which was recently transferred to DIF

A credential catalog helps facilitate the discoverability of credentials on offer by issuers. It should list not just the schema of credentials (credential type), but also their technical implementation for specific protocols (credential implementation) and importantly relevant information about assurances, liability of the issuer and other details specific to the credential type as offered by a specific issuer (credential offer).

Figure out status of VC Marketplace and get in touch!

Challenge in identifying schema’s that are essentially the same in meaning

The credential catalog is meant to list what type of information issuers issue, not details about individual issued credentials.