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Session Topic: Cozy Cloud Mes Info

Wednesday 2J

Convener: Benjamin, Cozy Cloud

Notes-taker(s): Leon Brown


  • “If we have data about you, you have them too… To do with them whatever makes sense for you”
  • Idea to brainstorm with companies that have lots of personal data, see what we can do with it.
  • Concept: Try to implement concepts discovered in brainstorming year.
  • Companies
    • Independent, all voluntary.
    • Need prezo or go to site for company list
    • Google is also participating, but mainly money, not data at this time.
  • Identify some values for customers
    • Gestion: Management
    • Controle: Control - who access
    • Connaisance De soi - safe knowledge
    • Conscience: Discovering what you are
    • Decision et action - can act
    • Contribute: be able to contribute
  • Lots of opportunities and risks noted - need slides
  • Companies are dot one, non-digital companies. Currently most participants disintermediated from the web/clients. There is mediation between the companies and the individual - this may have driven their participation.
    • We say - don’t try to imitate MINT or others, find your own way.
    • Give back the data to your users. You enter in to trusted relationship with your customer. Then ask customer to host a service on their (the customers) cloud.
    • This ‘app’ will provide a service that MINT cannot provide - all the data from the users, within their privacy sphere. Impossible for MINT to access all your data (like invoices, receipts), but by deploying your app on a customers personal cloud you have something that MINT can’t.
  • Who is financing Mes Info? The companies participating in the experiment + public contribution.
  • What does Mes Info feel like or mean to a French citizen? MY INFORMATION
  • From the start of the project, they wanted all sorts of data: mail, photos, history of vacation. This allows services that not possible in a MINT model
  • One insurance company is providing risk score to individuals

Jumping to COZY CLOUD

  • Why Cozy Cloud was selected?
  • Start: December 2012 to explain project. Project decided Jan 2013. Kick off End of October 2013.
  • Pitch
    • Cloud is great, but….
    • is new oil - it is the true asset.
    • Kept currently in web silos currently
    • Data access is an issue, and frustrating - A Personal Data Disorder as your data is across so many silos you cannot extract value.
    • Philosophy is that customers/users want to
      • Single Sign On, Search across all your data, Integration between walled gardens, Mash-ups of my personal data, and have privacy (post Snowden Era), a fundamental right
    • Answer
      • Have your data on your server. All your data held yourself you can allow sign-on, search across it, etc.
    • Difficulty
      • Data is complicated - much complexity
    • Cozy - Your Personal Cloud
      • Your Data, Your Apps, Your Server
      • Can deploy on your own server, in AWS, in any place
    • Demo
      • You sign-in to your cloud, has human readable name, maybe
      • Reach Your Home which shows the Apps on your server.
      • Can add ‘apps’ from the marketplace - an app marketplace
      • Deploy an app on your server
      • Deploy a photo app - asks permissions for authorization
      • Server then runs the service on your server. Apps do not access the service - it works at home on your server
      • All apps are competing for RAM and CPU on my local server. Cozy provides app management to slowdown/shut down unused apps
      • Note Taking App Demo
        • At install asked for rights to access my contacts
        • Different from other apps, this Note app can add a reference to an actual contact.
        • You can add a reminder
      • Cozy provides a set of inter-app communication protocols so a developer could build a To Do list that calls and/or updates information from the Task list (webOS -like in inter-app communication)
    • Commentary: Overall the magic is in the Mes INFOS project is getting all the companies on-board to give data back to the consumer.
      • Others parrot this concern/interest
      • Why? Banks, insurance, post office are interested in (1) any laws of giving data back to the consumer and (2) seeing what developers might do with this data.
    • Commentary: Interesting is that the framework pushes running the apps on a local server. The architecture requires running an app within the Cozy Cloud server.
    • Workflow
      • Email invitation
      • Kicks off link to start up
      • Opens a Server in OVH - a kind of rackspace, a host company
        • Machine opens up in OVH - not fixed size. Elastic.
        • Includes Disk/storage of 50MB
      • If user Opens Contacts,
        • In customers virtual machine: Linux, Cozy, the Notes app/service on top.
        • Notes data goes into storage area. Storage area is in the VM image.
      • In OVH today, but could go in users home
        • Could mail a Box with service
        • What about static IP? Using ‘Gandi’ a dynamic DNS registrar to provide unique IP
      • Cozy Cloud is a Personal Cloud Provider
      • Data - is in Cloud (OVH storage)
        • What format is all stored in? Is it readable?
    • Question: Why but your IP in to connecting data/usage between apps?
    • Architecture - add picture
    • Each app can have access to data via simple REST requests.
    • ‘data system’ in Architecture diagram reminds me of LunaBus in webOS. Allows app to x-talk and share data.
    • Indexer is Whoosh
    • Privacy is today simple: One user, one server. Not multi-tenant at this time.
    • The 300 people in Mes Infos
      • Is there any administration? If there a user issue or could they blow away their own data.

Some screen captures

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