Data Portability TOS EULA

From IIW

Convener: Steve Greenberg

Notes-taker: Elias Bizannes

Tags: Data Portability, EULA, ToS

Discussion notes:

  • We have a traditional world where every service tries to be the “home” store
  • Things have changed – we can now export data
  • Photoshop plugins, iTunes playlists – not just identity

Re the EULA terminologu: “Home” means I broadcast data. If anyone else makes a change, I ignore it. The authoritative version of the data

  • “Sync” means if you make a change, I update. If I make a change, you update
  • “Functional” means it has no desire to store the data at all.
  • “Authoritative data” is considered a bad term by audience. What Greenberg means is no importing – it won’t accept updates from others.’

Three types of data: identity, media + content, structure + metadata

  • Question raised if this can be implemented in the browser? Like a flagging system to indicate a sites status
  • Potential issue: will get too complicated because it can’t cover all of a sites data
  • Potentially a fifth type of portability: conduit?
  • The biggest discussion out of the meeting was that the icons may fail, as it can’t possibly cover all the data. It was countered in saying the icons are only part of it – there will be additional detail in disclosures that links off
  • Any improvement on accountability and trackability is an impovement on the current situation
  • New question: Is the data sent without my knowledge to another provider?
  • Should the scope of this work be classed as phase one and as interface work?