Go To Market - PDE

From IIW

Title: Personal Data Ecosystem “go to Market”

Session: Thursday, Session 1, Space A

Conference: IIW-11 November 2-4, Mountain View, Complete Notes Page

Convener, Note Taker: Kaliya Hamlin

This session was a conversation with people considering options and ideas. These were from hand written notes.

Do we really listen

We think it is logically appropriate

People who make market are not here

Support problem set

“tricking users” - no one joined FB to do web SSO

What is user experience? additional features and functionality Features and Benifits - what has internet done for me lately.

Give people something valuable include PDS as well

Expose benifirts of PDE people and organizations

Gradually get there

Data in US is free-for-all

give info ---> you get

what do people find valuable - groupon

Marc - driving forces human needs

  • Connect
  • Feel safe
  • Get Recogintion

all from people you trust

Are we solving a problem that doesn’t need to be solved?

Groupon “saving money” - we have the worst unemployment in a long time

Benifits them - home safe enough to eat. this feeling people don’t have on the web. Control Self Sufficency

Mobile what is transformative experience

Sarah - Back up your data (Moze & Carbonite) Make it happen

Sam - look at additional benefits, Solve problems that there are no solutions for yet (without making the existing suboptimal)

Ability build special APIs social data - where is it now

Monica - Things I wouldn’t share with everyone. Woman walking home alone at night can share geolocation with spouse at home. Tracking spending and directing dollars. Only comfortable with self and close people sharing.

Dave - msft

  • Antique Road show - what is it worth

Wendell - all of this is happening

  • All big online systems, all events, monetize and change experience
  • Compensated
  • Better user experience

Asside comment about how to make a lot of money - do a Small industry trade association press - 1,000 of dollars

There are two kinds of stuff people have

  1. is that they consciously articulate this is done today with an interest managers
  2. the trails that you travel.

These are set up to target adds against

See the semantics of all this

Jay - additional added power of the equals sign

  • IdM place holder if we add something to it - (IdM + N) * user adoption = ROI

Save money - social event -> participate in & share/relate

Online -> offline

Cambells Soup: 1-2 reports a quarter - on how soup for example was selling on the shelves.

When scanners came in you could get a daily report because the scanners were ubiquitous

Who are these people actually walking into the store?

can we find out in a privacy appropriate way? can we track “conversions” search -> purchase.

if we do this the wrong way we live in a police state.

Google/MSFT health vault -> Start storing other stuff?

Adam Larson - person in the middle and integrate

One company and technology?

Thing - phone, browser “on top of” Phone operating system

-- Smarter purchasing process

conversation between me and vendor

what my friends bought

Friends and social groups.


Brett.- We are not eyeballs - Holo go through consumer. Behavior me -> yahoo! this data is better then


My Wallet with my permission Ghostery - sends beacons bugs Right now there are funnel Advertising


Beacon site - triangle current aggregated raised in quality Behavior physical world stuff in wallet.