Government Relationship Management

From IIW

Issue/Topic: Government Relationship Management (F2A)

Conference: IIW-East September 9-10, 2010 in Washington DC Complete Set of Notes

Convener: Britt Blaser, Lucas Cioffi, Zack Brisson

Notes-taker(s): Lucan Cioffi

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  • Government agencies often collect feedback from the public; usually when they take comments to comply with a regulatory requirement.
  • Most opportunities for commenting are highly technical and are not interesting to the average citizen, however there are many more capable citizens that would want to comment if the knew there was an opportunity for them to do so. Lobbyists are often the ones who participate most in these commenting opportunities.
  • Commenting would be more useful to politicians if they knew a citizen was certified as their constituent.
  • Commenting would be more useful to government agencies if the agency could track a persistent pseudonym and see the quality of the citizen's comments over time.
  • Often there are comments left across the social web that would inform agencies decisions, but it's neither easy for agencies to find most of these comments or to make sense of them.
  • iTrust at NIH fits squarely in this space and offers promise as a solution.
  • is working to create a place