How to Make Money Implementing Attribute Exchange: Services, Solutions andTrust Framework

From IIW

Session Topic: How to Make Money Implementing Services, Solutions and Trust Frameworks with an Attribute Exchanges Trust Framework

Tuesday 2A

Convener: David Coxe

Notes-taker(s): David Coxe

During 2011, IDW and Google designed and developed open-source software to support cloud-based web services based on standards like OAuth, OpenID Connect and SAML to enable the data flows for Identity Providers (IDPs), Relying Parties (RPs), Attribute Providers (APs), and users as key elements of the online identity credential and attribute exchange ecosystem. IDW subsequently implemented an Attribute Exchange Network (AXN) as an online Internet-scale gateway for Relying Parties (RPs) to efficiently and affordably access user-asserted, permissioned, and verified online identity credentials and attributes from third party providers (Attribute Providers (APs) and/or Identity Providers (IdPs)). The AXN business model stimulates market participation through a mechanism for accessing, servicing, and monetizing existing and new online business markets that are currently underserved by the online identity ecosystem. The AXN is built on open industry standards as a neutral transaction, contractual, and claims management hub that can enforce privacy and security precepts driven by industry and in support of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Guiding Principles.