Kitties are Fluffy!!

From IIW

Session Topic: Kitties are Fluffy!

Thursday 3B

Convener: Justin Richer

Notes-taker: David Pinter

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered: multiple personas, corporate identity, personal identity, anonymity, outing,

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

BYOD is evolving into BYO Id

How does a corporate interest get impacted by action made from within a personal context?

Aggregate reputation/impact of employees _is_ the company reputation: The higher up the employee in the org, the greater the impact

Corporations (as employers) are NOT managing ID. Employees are bringing their IDs into the enterprise (ex: Forwarding corporate email to personal Gmail b/c that's where the employee's email lives, and where they "do" email).

Posts/comments are a reflection of personal State when made by individuals using company-provided IDs.

Comments made under a Company provided ID have a greater weight than a personal ID Employees are at risk posting under company ID

Is there a safe harbor on the Net for Real Personas?

To what extend does an IDP stand behind the individual? It's different when the individual is an Agent of the IDP (employee) or customer.

Young people today have always HAD the internet, and are used to the concept of multiple identities/personas and can manage them natively (like children who grow up speaking multiple languages)

Tools, comfort, and calluses develop over time.

The Internet lacks a richness of context; sometimes the wrong persona is used on line. But when in Grandma's living room, it's not possible to switch out of the "grandma context" (vs. the school or friend or parent context)

The Internet doesn't forget or integrate. Transcripts are available for replay, but overall impressions formed in personal interactions (facial expression and body language, etc) add to human to human conversations that ultimately make the experience something greater than the recorded transcript.

Systems can now correlate contributions and recognize individuals using multiple personas, have the ability to "out" posters using different IDs.

We use different pathways when we speak than when we write.

Some individuals are better able to manage separate personas than others, kids in particular are inherently better at this.