PDX Ecosystem

From IIW

Title: PDX Ecosystem (T1F)

Convener: Austin Faith

Conference: IIW-East September 9-10, 2010 in Washington DC Complete Set of Notes

Notes-taker(s): Barbara Bowen

Purpose: The goal of the Personal Data Exchange is to centralize and manage the data that is already being collected by proprietary services into one point of access for customer access and administration.


  • Common web api for service providers.
  • Trust is a fundamental factor.
  • Variety of choices in providers with common apis Control over real time aggregation with distribution rights management.
  • Use case model to alleviate and evaluate risk.
  • Complexity around PDX and link contracts.
  • Young people share information, they also value trust and privacy.


  • Perception of risk across mesh.
  • Secure channel that avoids man in the middle attacks Identity online is fragmented.


  • Real tools exist and are being fully developed with Open Standards Encryption keys that are personally managed.
  • Terms of service accepted by vendor.
  • PDX hosted by service provider enabling Data Portability Unique customer identifier and peer to peer connections stay intact.
  • Higgins stack using rdf as demonstrated in the MyDex pilot XDI stack as shown at personaldatastore.info