Personal Data Ecosystem Org Role

From IIW

Title: Personal Data (last 2 sessions at IIW)

Session: Thursday, Session 4 & 5, Space F

Convener, Note Taker: Kaliya Hamlin - what does id to/How is it Funded etc.

what does the “iiw” community need?

Translator between main points of activity -- visit the neighboring industries to move along to market

  • Professional Associations
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Edu
  • ISC2

The existing advertising world

Translator between main points of activity

  • Glossary - Terms
  • Directory
    • People
    • Companies
    • Projects (open source, standards)

Clinical Trials (get users involved)

Foster Incubation of new Framework

Business Value Found (who are participants & what are they getting out of it)

  • Value Network Analysis
  • Scenario Futures
  • Data Flow $

Main point of Contact for Larger Companies

  • Executive Information Complexity Reduction
  • Aggregation Curation Function (GigaOM Pro $75)
  • Thought Leadership Bring it Together
  • Fit different aspects in
  • Analyze different players
  • Sanity Check Internationally

Data Flow’s Internationally - heat map or privacy

Frame/Map stage discussion

Much is happening in this area but removed from this community

They are “terrified” of Government and Public Perception Poisoned Well.

  • Ad
  • AdAge

The conferences are NY & SF

They are all in the business of Audience Selling.

Companies Mentioned

  • better advertising
  • statz
  • oneword

  • Telco-Webco Collaboration
  • Telco as IdP for Kids
  • Telco - Accenture, IBM
  • Utility Company roll
    • Higher value
    • “more personal”
    • Set top box for storage
    • What spend $

Subscription Model - Industry Segment

Privacy - Biz Model

  • Reduce Risk Complexity
  • Protection Harm - Benifit
  • ISC2 -> certification

Potential Models

  • Volunteers
  • Kickstart

(Aside Comments) Rebels take over the deathstar? did it happen is it possible

Executive Convincing

  • Magazines
  • Book
  • Talks
  • Reports
    • simplifying diagram
    • media machine
  • Consulting
  • Events
  • Produce summary of hot button things coming out of IIW
  • Editor/Interest & Passion - contribute by someone else

Core Asset - Development

Lineup - roster

TEDx about identity?

IIW is a compost Bin

Aggregate create good soil and grow good food

Economically Sustainable

Home for Community

$4000/Head - Executives

Marketing Business - IIW assets

  • “Personal Information Econ/Ecosystem” - PIE
  • “communicate to execs”
  • “Digital Bill of Rights” UN