Personal Data Store/Archive

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Personal Data Store/Archive (T4C)

Convener: Terrell Russell

Notes-taker(s): Barbara Bowen


Personal Data Stores exchange and aggregate attributes with persistent systems and terms of service. Realigns difficult questions around privacy and consent.


  • Vendor neutral packaging
  • Structural leverage with portable data and rights through link contracts.
  • Profiles, facets, and roles are established within a container.
  • Groups create context.
  • Authentication with an attribute store.
  • Aggregation and merging of data from several sources is a problem which requires relying providers.

Platforms and Examples:

  • XRI is a standardized graph model that establishes structure and context through dictionaries.
  • Inames are identifiers that are a format for the construction of privacy.
  • The Mine project and XDI examples.
  • Telcos may offer data stores with replication in the cloud.