Personal Data Store Ecosystem Design

From IIW

Session: Wednesday, Session 1 Space A

Conference: IIW 10 May 17-19, 2009 this is the complete Complete Set of Notes

Convener: Kaliya Hamlin

We saw 8 different potential/existing models presented

(see photos)

We asked people to articulate what they saw in common between these models and what was different.


  • User control of information “user data vault” or centralized store of personal information
  • Not a technical issue
  • Business Case is the Question
  • Assumption that individual control and privacy is desirable
  • Right to User Activity Digital
  • User owns his/her data
    • user data vault
    • privacy bank
    • personal data store (PDS)
  • Telco as IdP: Nat’s, Christies’ Pauls, Rolf’s Marc’s
  • Dashboard usability?
  • Need to reset control thermostat between service providers + users


  • User Centric “Identity”
  • Personal Data Store Central or Distributed
  • Not Common: Different Business models - who pays whom
  • Mechanisms to Manage Change
  • To Datastore or not to Datastore?
  • Value-Chain from User Perspective (where is Gov?)


  • How is Money $ Made?
  • Best Route to Bootstrap?
  • Regulation
  • Leverage “right” big elephant
  • create the right consortium
  • right business model
  • Personal Data Stored in a “BANK” or under my mattress (& I can still participate)
  • How Many Data Vaults, Exchanges (Competitive?)
  • Telcos or New Org?
  • Which Data?
  • User Value Explain to the average user?
  • People Not on the Grid Yet? (Kenyan Farmer) (Identity Place Holder)
  • Responsibility of user in understanding what is in the PDS and how it will be used. Is that reasonable?
  • Data as “money” to be “exchanged” Except data is more nuanced, which needs to be understood
  • If not understood by the user, it invites explanation by the company.
  • Different Emphasis on AuthN and Attributes (how do telco’s off to others)
  • Role of Regulator?
  • Privacy as a Toxic Asset. But How do we Launder it. (Private data store? Say its dead? or not collect?


  • PDS = User Data Vault
  • Eat their own dogfood?
  • New Rolls - Data Broker, Data Lawyer
  • Economic Power ($ Euro Yen) (Telco-Webco- Banks) Marketing


  • The Network is a free cost less ubiquitous resource (not true)

Store - PDS, UDB, “Vault”

Collecting - implicit - behavioral tracking, GPS, Search

Implicit - VPI, Lists

Sharing - PDX/UDE

Rule Set Store

Control and Contract


open standards





Slows things down

Vault does not equal exchange

Personal Data Store


on phone?


portable? / sharable? templates

Is Data Really Centralized? (not necessarily)