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Issue/Topic: Personal Data Vision of Future: Video (T2F)

Conference: IIW-East September 9-10, 2010 in Washington DC Complete Set of Notes

Convener: David Seigel

Notes-taker(s): David Seigel and Barbara Bowen

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At the IIW on Sept 8 in Washington, DC, I led a brief session on the vision for the personal data locker. I started by showing my video. We talked about various aspects of the PDL, and I showed on my blog a "bill of rights" for owners of future PDLs. I tried not to get sidetracked with technical issues, as I believe the big problems are in market adoption and trust, not technology. As I pointed out, what we need most at this point are standards for simple things like calendars and contacts. As the standards emerge, we'll be able to build more and more on them. And to whatever degree we need, we can use multiple APIs from companies that keep people's data today.

I'm allowing a small number of people to see my video. I don't want it getting out generally, but the identity community is more than welcome to see it. I make a living giving speeches, so I want it to be fresh for my audiences.

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In addition, my book, Pull, is a guide to everything that's coming along with the personal data locker. My blog has more on recent developments and plans for the personal data store:

Here is the keynote speech I gave to the semantic tech conference in september: - feel free to share this link with anyone.

Notes by Barbara Bowen


The goal of the Personal Data Locker is to store personal information in one place, integrate with services, and share with settings. David Siegel is working on a business model to support the design of Personal Data Lockers.


Open standards Ease of use Cloud based information syndication Data on cloud, not device Internet of things Collection of records with permissions Move my account button will be in demand by customers. Calendar, contacts, and groups are early format use cases. Applications will be highly standardized.


What are incentives for vendors to transfer data? User interface design is challenging.

Platforms and Examples: Mozilla Tab Candy example Plaxo as model web wide Do for data what Diaspora does for messaging