Personal Sovereign Design

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Session Topic:Personal Sovereign Design

Tuesday 5B

Convener: Devon Loffreto @NZN

Notes-taker(s): Devon Loffreto

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  1. VRM #SovereignSourceAuthority

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Abstract: A discussion on the nature of personal Sovereign data structures and identity structures useful for the expression of information of relative value to Individual people and organizations of people.

Reference: "What is Sovereign Source Authority?" and associated information conveyed here.

Led By: @NZN


Society is administered, Administration is Society. Access to and control of participatory context is an administered Sovereign event that we exercise upon Human babies. This administrative context defines the tools we use to transact authority in Society.

So long as Individual people must register 'within a system' in order to receive legal authority to represent oneself in subsequent legal transactions, administrative precedence defines the nature of this data relationship between asset managers and data-subjects structured as social liabilities with increasing costs/debts leveraged against their respective Rights of life, liberty and pursuits of happiness.

"Personal Sovereign Design" begins with risk management considerations. The foundation of integrity within Society is the Individual people that stand up freedom and security in every context required. "We the People" can not be contrived by an administered process, nor managed by administrative methods alone successfully... for every natural or man made emergency that threatens the lives of people in our communities requires Individual people to act with integrity and courage to produce opportunities for both survival and continued prosperity. We celebrate entrepreneurs of all types... social and commercial heroes that act.

Personal Sovereignty is the structure of the United States of America by 'Declaration' (ref: John Hancock), and the lack of a recursive signatory part to the US Constitution allowing for generational stewardship of the Rights that make our Union strong represents an "error of omission" causing structural concerns highlighted by an Internet-based administrative framework of Society.

Can an Individual self-provision identity? Can a family self-provision asset structures? When? Birth Registration, Kindergarten Registration, Voting Registration, Health Care Enrollment, Genetic Profiling, every transaction...?

Human -vs- Systems (context considerations)

Meatspace realities versus Virtual aspirations

Ebay repuation system - absolute control of context value

Local reputation has much more dynamic and subtle means of evaluating context values within Human relationships. Freedom itself requires absolute local control... local to the Individual. The 1st and 2nd Amendment were constructed so that a Government "of and by the People" would always contrive authority accurately. Individuals administer our governed Rights. Individuals standing Free, Individuals standing Brave.

A story was told of the character 'Rabbit" from the book Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge describing a character that was ultimately controllable by "Revocation of Certificate Authority" and an analogy was drawn to the current nature of freedom from within an "Administered State", where the structure of personal Sovereignty is not implied by design, and requires central administration.

Additional conversation pointed to subsequent introduction of httpsy://algorithm:fingerprint@domain:port/path1/!redactedPath2/…......... protocol by MStiegler.

Later Session Title: Self ID

Provoked related conversation around self provisioning identity by Individuals serving role of IDP. Self-authorization methods considered against backdrop of risk management considerations (LOA 1, 2, 3...)

Enterprise requirements and security requirements exist in context.

Individual requirements exist in context.

Can a risk management regime change the administrative precedence of the IDP role to enable self-provisioning identity with capabilities of increasing levels of assurance being exchanged as needed?

Very lively and engaging conversation with many capable and interesting people in room.