Private Data Stores

From IIW

Session Topic: Private Data Stores

Wednesday 2H

Convener: Joe Andrieu

Notes-taker(s): Stuart Maxwell

Joe Andrieu

Private Data Stores

Instead of sharing information with service providers, why not run their code in our private context?

Does this sound hard? It's what we're doing all the time when we browse the web by using javascript.


  • Data leakage
  • Code corruption?
  • Permissioned data layer
  • Must get data into data store
  • Collaborative filtering ID(3) - hard to do if we don't share data back out

What are/would be the killer apps?

  • Anti-virus?
  • birthday alarm service
  • medical recommendation app
  • insurance recommendation app that looks at your information and recommends better rates or things you can do to get better rates

Could this be run on a 3rd-party host instead of on my device

What sorts of data would we put in a private data store?

  • health data
  • location history (space/time data)

JANA - Nathan Eagle - analyzes space/time data

Book mentioned: The Daily You, by Joe Turow


Main reasons to do Private Data Stores

  • 4th Amendment Privacy concerns in the US (protections against unreasonable search & seizure)
  • Companies shouldn't hold data any longer than they need to