Respect Network Founding Partners

From IIW

Drummond gave his 5-min "Ignite-style" presentation on Respect NetworkExpecting to announce 19th and 20th founding member this week.

Gary Rowe, previously president of Burton Group analyst group: internet today is giant highway with a dark side: opportunity build a trusted network. Creates business opportunities "beyond anything any of us have seen".

Business layer Legal layer Technical layer

First open to individuals, only later for businesses.

Long discussions on the parallels with credit card network, business models, parallel with e-mail.

Expectation that just like in case of credit cards, businesses will pay for the system.

Technical layer probably needs to evolve much faster than the legal and business layer which can largely remain the same over the long time.

Founding members each stated some reasons why they joined and what they work on. There will be several demos this afternoon and tomorrow.

There will be major announcements next week.