Standing Circle/ Interoperability Part 2

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Interoperability Part 2

Session Convener: Riley Hughes & Telegram Sam

Notes-taker(s): Mike Ebert

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Related questions (mostly) posed by Riley Hughes:

Without interoperability, does SSI have marginal value when compared to standard database/API/other existing methods?

Why don’t we have very good interoperability?

Why aren’t there really any successful implementations at scale?

Some potential answers shared by a big circle of people (such as Sam Curren, Timothy Ruff, Mike Ebert)

Yes, there are marginal values to SSI even without full interoperability. Simplified implementations, value of privacy preservation and verified data within limited ecosystems.

The SSI market is very similar to the early Internet–walled gardens, poor interoperability, lots of competing standards, experimentation, etc.

We don’t have a lot of implementations at scale, but they are likely coming. For example, the RFP from the EU for age verification in 50+ nations.

Everyone concluded it was very good for us to examine our assumptions and understanding to make sure we aren’t misleading ourselves and are focused on the most important steps to achieving success.