Start-Up’s Pitching

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Session Topic: Startups Pitching to VC Panel

Thursday 4 & 5 A

Convener: Nathan Schor

Notes-taker(s): Nathan Schor, Video of Pitches

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A total of eleven (11) companies made pitches to the VC Panel.

Here is a link to video of these pitches:


Companies Pitching

Respect Network Founding Partners

Respect Network

Emmett Global





HIE of One

MePIN /Meontrust





Respect Network Founding Partners

Company: Respect Network Website: Location: Seattle

Management Team:

  • Drummond Reed, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Gary Rowe, Executive Chairman
  • Katherine Singson, CMO
  • Andy Dale, CTO
  • Matthew Sutton, VP Products
  • Mark Timbrell, Head of Respect Network EU

Bios and links are all listed at

Business Model:

Respect Network is the world’s first global private network of personal and business clouds. Respect Network is based on an award-winning trust framework developed over 3 years by leading Internet architects and 50 Founding Partner companies from around the world. As a decentralized, multi-provider network similar to the global banking or email networks, the Respect Network will enable members anywhere in the world to share sensitive private data with strong assurance that their privacy will always be respected. In fact, Respect Network is the only global data sharing network engineered from the ground up around Privacy by Design.

Traction: 50 founding partners who have already signed up.

Amount funds seeking: Respect Network Corporation is currently raising a $3M Series A round. On Friday April 25 we held a first closing for $1.325M. We anticipate the second closing will be the first week of June.

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Company: Emmett Global Website: Location: New York /Israel

Management Team:

  • Kenneth J Lefkowitz, CEO
  • Lionel A Wolberger, Architect
  • Joshua Zieman, CMO

Business Model:

Emmett Global distributes best of class open source solutions that enable true Personal Data management. Three included solutions are;

1) Cloud service provider on the Respect Network

2) Browser extension bundle for Chrome and

3) Mobile tablet device.

Amount funds seeking: $950,000 to complete our seed funding

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Company: URQUi Website: Location: BCCanada

Management Team:

Jonathan Bell, President, Computer Consultant – Ambassador of Privacy by Design

Ken Jennings, @kwjennings, Board of Directors Skkynet Cloud Systems Inc. Skky - Ambassador of Privacy by Design

Dr. Jose M. Fernandez P.Eng, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer and Software Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal Frequent Speaker on IT Security & Cryptography - Ambassador of Privacy by Design

Business Model: URQUi“Your Key” is a secure, patent-pending, network or SaaS password alternative. URQUi One Time Passwords eliminate the need to store static passwords on servers. Users need not remember passwords. Using URQUi, a FREE app, individuals control their privacy, secure their online presence and protect themselves from identity theft. User-centric URQUi embodies Privacy by Design. The Heartbleed bug could not have breached accounts using URQUi! ~ URQUi’s Business model is disruptive. URQUi is a multi-sided recurring revenue SaaS business. URQUi is free for individuals; free SaaS for government and non-profit servers; billable recurring revenue SaaS for commercial servers. URQUI’s pricing to commercial SaaS customers will be disruptive at 15% of comparable services (RSA SecureID). Distribution to individuals is done through iTunes et al. Distribution to server owners is done through resellers and vertical market partners. URQUi expects processing margins in the area of 50% - 60%

Traction: URQUi has not yet achieved traction in the market, however URQUi has developed significant partnerships. Ambassador of Privacy by Design Founding Partner of the Respect NetworkCTA@Boston, Fall 2014 Cohort

Amount funds seeking:$1,750,000

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Company: inWebo Website: Location:

Management Team:

Didier Perrot, CEO and founder,

Bruno Abramatic, CTO and co-founder

Olivier Perroquin, SVP Sales and co-founder,

Business Model: inWebo provides a Cloud-based authentication platform and a password management service to help enterprises, businesses and service providers protect users' online access and transactions in a highly secure yet non-intrusive way.


Amount funds seeking: 3M$

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Independent Startups

Company: Glome Website: Location: Finland

Management Team:

Edi Immonen – Co-founder & CEO

Ferenc Szekely – Co-founder & CTO

Business Model: Glome has created an anonymous personalisation platform (an API) for businesses where individuals own, control and benefit from their digital footprint with full anonymity.

Traction: Glome had a soft launch in Finland and we targeted a few key players with great success. Now we have partnered with:

1) A top-10 media in Finland with close to 1M unique weekly users

2) A leading Scandinavian web shop company

3) A leading Finnish consultancy & big data company

Amount funds seeking: A total of 1.8m€ in steps in year 2014 so that: 300k€ for finishing the product-market-fit phase ( Q3&Q4 / 2014 ) ~ ~ ~ 1.5m€ for launching and expanding ( Q4/2014 -> )

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Company:HIE of One Website: N/A Location:Boston

Management Team:

Adrian Gropper, MD – gropper/1/665/691

Josh Mandel, MD –

Adam Powell, PhD –

Business Model: HIE of Onewill sell a personal data store (hardware or cloud) and live support to consumers to enable the coordination of family care teams for the elderly and seriously ill. Our service uses open source software to create a platform for patient-directed health information exchange that will be preferred by app and services developers because it is verifiably privacy-preserving, verifiably secure, free to the developers, and, as a community open source project, carries no risk of vendor lock-in. HIE of One is a public benefits for-profit corporation designed to appeal to both financial and strategic investors.

Traction: HIE of One has limited traction. We won one of the major prizes at an MIT health hackathon a a short time ago and we have a commitment from Smart911 to participate provide an API and participate in a demo this summer. We've also got three separate collaborating groups in the San Diego and San Francisco areas.

Amount funds seeking: $2 M

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Company: MePIN /Meontrust Website: Location:Finland

Management Team:

Markku Mehtala, CEO,

Business Model:MePIN provides smart security for consumer online services, protecting the services and their users against password phishing, account hijacking, transaction fraud and privacy problems.


Amount funds seeking: We just raised a round, so looking for contacts for future rounds.

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Company: Pomcor Website: Location:Boston

Management Team:

Karen Pomian Lewison, CEO, [mailto:],

Francisco Corella, CTO [mailto:],

Business Model:Pomcor is developing an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to help an enterprise protect data stored in a mobile device with a patent-pending technique that prevents an adversary who steals the device from mounting an offline attack against an activation PIN.

Traction: We don't have a product, so we don' have traction yet. We do have a no.1 position in Google for one of the market segments, even without a product.

Amount funds seeking: We are looking for a letter of interest to support an NSF SBIR Phase I grant application, followed by an investment of $60,000, conditional on our getting the SBIR Phase I grant of $150,000. The $60,000 investment would be matched by a Phase IB grant of up to $30,000. Successful phases I and IB would give us a very good chance of getting a Phase II grant of up to $750,000, which in turn would allow us to get a Phase IIB grant of up to $500,000 matching an additional investment of $1,000,000.

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Company: Tozny Website: Location:

Management Team:

Isaac Potoczny-Jones, President

Leah Daniels, VP Business Development

Business Model: Digital authentication - proving who we are - is a constant necessity on modern networks. Users are buried under the weight of too many passwords, and are faced with a conundrum: good passwords are impossible to remember, and bad passwords are easy to guess. Tozny replaces passwords with a cryptographic app on your smart phone, making login both easier and more secure than passwords. Alternately, use Tozny to augment passwords with multi-factor authentication. Tozny helps enterprises and web sites stay secure and gives users an easier way to log in.

Traction: We have a customer in the government who is funding our work under a small business innovation program, and we have strong leads with a few large consumer-facing organizations in banking, health care, and telecommunications.

Amount funds seeking: $500K

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Company: Welcomer Website: Location:Australia

Management Team:

Kevin Cox - Kevin is an Identity domain expert who has deep understanding of how organisations can benefit from giving people access to their own information. Kevin previously founded identity verification company Edentiti which was acquired in late 2013.

Paul Marando - Paul comes across from Edentiti bringing with him a deep understanding of identity technology and a track record developing scalable architecture. Paul looks after the technology as well as leading the engineering team.

Rory Ford - Rory brings a background in online marketing and product management. Previously he established a portfolio of websites bringing in online sales across more than 120 countries. Rory also worked within Edentiti, looking at new product opportunities that have formed the basis for Welcomer.

Business Model: Welcomer provides an identity verification solution to small and medium organizations by utilizing a person’s access to their own information. Based on proven Enterprise technology, already used by banks, Welcomer makes money from each successful verification.

Traction: Company has raised ~$450K seed funding.

Amount funds seeking: $300,000

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Company:Traitware Website: Location: San Francisco

Management Team:

Harlan Hutson President - Mr. Hutson is a serial entrepreneur now on his third start-up. Harlan has been fascinated with online transactions and security since the creation of his second start-up, an online event ticketing company that was sold in 2010

Dr. Herbert w. Spencer CTO - Dr. Spencer has been a developer of new technologies since building a computer from pinball machine parts in junior high school. He received a Ph.D. in plasma physics from Auburn University and started EC&C Technologies, Inc.

Business Model: TraitWare™ delivers 2-factor authentication making mobile and web computing more secure and enjoyable. Our patent pending process authenticates both user and device, binding them together to create a secure signature. When combined with PhotoAuth™, TraitWareID™ eliminates the need to enter a PIN, OTP or “out-of-band” SMS codes for authentication.

Traction: TraitWare is fully operational is now being used in pilot tests by companies that have been signed as partners. TraitWare is bundling its authentication with software to solve customer needs in the areas of finance, payments, and health care.

Amount funds seeking: