The Human O/S Defending Privacy by Understanding I.T. Forces and Managing Human Nature

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The Human O/S Defending Privacy by Understanding I.T. Forces and Managing Human Nature

Thursday 4F

Convener: Jeff Orgel

Notes-taker(s): Jeff Orgel

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Defending The Human Operating System: Intention/Identity Through Understanding I.T. Forces And Its Impact On Human Nature

There is a YouTube companion audio/video with full contributions from all attendees and an active whiteboard reference throughout.  It is much more encompassing than these rough outline notes.  I hope this works out well and please pardon my apparent spate of “Valley Girl” linguistics as I used the word “like” about 700 times in the first minutes.  I beg your pardon!

New Awareness\Language: Real-IT

Real-IT ® is the relationship we choose to have, or not have, with Information Technologies (IT)

Newton & the Apple: What’s with that apple falling? Why does it fall down, not up, much less at all?  Gravity He put handles on thoughts with words allowing us to be able to discuss the idea and build understanding.

Props to the stage crew / Setting the stage;

Newton (again) – “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”  Nearly everyone I serve and learn from is my giant.  Benefitting from those gifts I present this discussion.

Brene Brown: - “Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”  I share data and what I have learned often by story telling.

Daniel Pearl – Died at the hands of the terrorists, February 1st, 2002 – (Refer to audio)

The Human Animal As A Sensor \ Awareness Package

Baseline Human Capability:

  • Visual was line of sight
  • Audible what you could hear from where you stood.

Our sensor range \ awareness was gradually extended by messengers, then radio waves, to television, and currently I.T.  Seen on the horizon, and a Superset of I.T. we have Virtual Reality (VR).  While this evolution in awareness has been mostly great, it may be a bit, to a lot, too much. (refer to audio)

When do, each of us being different, we overload ?  What behavioral elements are challenged?  The outline below is very generalized.  Maybe Middle C on the keyboard with variations of itself in either direction.

Impulse: how can we block the chain of I.T. systems and science gaming our impulse at new and ferice levels?vs.Consideration:  How can we build a chain of thoughtful decision making by owning understanding of the exploits embedded in these I.T. forces?

FOMO! (typically a challenge to youth)Costs? (typically a concern of elders)

Psychological Elements of the Human O/S that will be susceptible to influence.  (The Art of Intention Management and Control Thereof)

As animals we are compelled to pursue certain impulses that are very baked into our core nature.  Each of us being different are affected by the following impulses by different degrees.

  1. The drive to procreate: sex – porn, or pairing SocNet: Tinder, etc.
  2. Power: information, violence, information, wealth
  3. Self Social-Aggrandizement: Social Networking (SocNet) Facebook, etc. - Presenting ourselves as “a confection” [credit Gladwell & Victoria ??? presentation]
  4. Voyeurism:   Social Networking (SocNet) Facebook, etc. – schadenfreude
  5. Free: Ground Score – something for nothing, caveman finds a nut (the flashlight app)
  6. Curiosity: wandering
  7. Fear: either a search for alteration in state of mind via endorphin stimulating viewing, pairing via SocNet, drug acquisition  
  8. Conviviality: search for togetherness and belonging (SocNet…AGAIN), in dwelling (per Doc Searles)

Extras / Contemplations

10 Most Dangerous Words on the Web

The Merlin of Search

Global Graphic Based Search vs. Multilingual Challenges of the Managing International Translation

Text vs. Image

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