The VRM Social Network

From IIW

Session Topic: The VRM Social Network

Wednesday 2C

Convener: Drummond Reed

Notes-taker: Micah McGraw

Inspired by: Doc Searls' blog post "What Would a VRM Social Network Be?

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

VRM, Social Networking, Ello, Diapora

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

VRM and social networking

  • Respect Network
  • Open standard personal distribution cloud
  • Trust frameworks
  • Ello and Diaspora
  • - Doc Searls' blog post "What Would a VRM Social Network Be?
  • New paradigm from client server - graph based???
  • Social networks before social networks (Rolodex)
  • Where is social information centralized
  • Minimum viable centralization
  • Burning to bit coin and beyond
  • Targeting the young builders that are unaware of the rules (rule breaker)
  • 1990 silo email providers with proprietary system
  • 2000 SMTP
  • What will the evolution of social networking look like
  • Committee of the whole
  • Personas
  • Context == conduct
  • Home on the web that's theirs - social networking is like share cropping
  • What are the metaphors that describe the new paradigm
  • Domainofonesown
  • Identity is not node it's the connection
  • Domain is home
  • Where never not on the net anymore
  • Xdi/uma/openid
  • Book: Value Networks
  • Blogs were the early social networks
  • Do people really embrace central authority's
  • Cookie model - do we want to be plate the cookie or chocolate chip

VRM SocialNetwork 1.jpg

  • Place/location is the strongest metaphor we have
  • Verna Allee – “Value Networks”
  • Metaphor or email – it will evolve the same
  • Distributed may not survive
  • How do you respect people digitally
  • How many people have their own domains
  • Usefulness to these metaphors, but let us also transcend them
  • A domain of my own

VRM SocialNetwork 2.jpg

  • Reinventing what came before the wheel
  • What is our personal graph -> Calf/cow is the problem
  • What is personal Graph?
  • Address books and contacts
  • Calendars
  • Problem in selling big companies on graph models
  • What is it that gives us independence and a way to engage?
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Minimum viable centralization

VRM SocialNetwork 3.jpg

VRM SocialNetwork 4.png

VRM Social Network – Part II

Date – October 30, 2014

Doc Searls was in the session.

Goal of today’s session:

6 Properties:

1) Decentralized

2) Heterarchy

3) Interoperability

4) Substitutability

5) Independence

6) Openness

Pain Points that exist in the current solutions:

1) Not everyone is on it – true ubiquity (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

2) Privacy and Personal Data

a. Privacy is a new luxury good.
b. Privacy – when they understand what it costs.

3) Discrimination

4) Security (lack of)

5) Freedom Infringement

6) Legal – privacy by consent cannot be known (big data problem).

7) Economic measure of accountability – how to be an economic actor.


1) Independence/Agency

2) Sovereignty

3) Ability to engage socially


1) The nodes are people

2) Mirror the same architecture of the Internet

3) A place for value exchange between people

4) Must come from the people

5) 4 party model

6) Relationships/Connections

Political Movement Framework:

1) Digital Personhood

2) [Marc Davis’ talk at Privacy/Identity/Innovation 2011] (see about half-way down the page)